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at MR imaging with a local gradient coil--preliminary re

(MR), coil arrays Patella, 453.121411, 453.Coil—Preliminary Results1 The authors designed andJ Bone Joint Surg [Br] 1968; 50:852–857

Hydraulic control device in automatic transmission in vehicle

2007919-one of friction engaging devices of an automatic 74/856, 74/857, 74/858, 74/861, 74/866, and a compression coil spring S9 biasing the

SNAP-25 Ser187 does not mediate phorbol ester enhancement of

which has a PKC phosphorylation site in its C-terminal coil centered at Neuropharmacology 45 :857–862. 10.1016/S0028-3908(03)00283-1 [ Cross

Precision Rogowski coil and method for manufacturing same

An improved Rogowski coil is formed on a toroidal core made of a thermoplastic or other moldable material, the core having a preferably continuous groove

Surgical instrument incorporating EAP blocking lockout

1. A surgical instrument, comprising: an coil spring 332 means that the pawl block 318 857 held in a top end of the actuator recess

Development of a Communication Scheme for Wireless Power

coil, a dedicated communication scheme is requiredThoen, B.; Stevens, N., Development of a Techniques, vol.63, no.3, pp.857-863, March

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COILS 60.0X0.150X0.075X1.3 14300075706222DEUBLIN857-001-102,end userchinaDEUBLIN251-37175.00+0.05DIATESTDIN47.0DIATESTMDU125-1DIATEST

Method and system for closed loop combustion control of a

a secondary winding in the coil 316, one or more high voltage diodes and at 857 the setpoint adjustment routine is signaled to advance the

Personal Tuner with Biosensor and Bioscanner

2013310- an induction coil wrapped about at least one crystal inside the housing; Pat. No. 7,077,857, and this invention claims the benefit of pr

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WIN CE NET 4.2 PRO D0039-213-857-949 X11-/4A RUE ( radial Direct Mount ) / EN 837-1.16 green; : DN25/PN16; with supporting coil

Losing My Religion - Lacuna Coil - YouTube

2012321-GMV i finished yesterday. Felt that it was needed. The amazing cover of Losing my Religion by none other than Lacuna Coil. Please comment, r

Mica board electrical resistance wire heater, subassemblies,

A mica board open coil resistance heater assembly includes a mica board subassembly of at least one pair of mica boards, a resistance wire wound around

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was used with a dedicated (23)Na-tuned coil. 10.1 in the medulla-declines of 23.4% and 857-865Haneder S, Konstandin S, Morelli JN

Loudspeaker spider, method of making it and loudspeaker

29/594, 29/857, 29/602.1, 29/604, 181/171, 174/117M, 174/116 2. A moving coil transducer produced by wrapping an electrical conductor

Methods and apparatus for sampling body fluid

No. 08/857,335, entitled Disposable Element one aspect of which relates to a method of spring 60 in the form of a coil compression


AIRTEC coil for MN06-510-HNKISTLER 4501A2C1 600 - 1.000 ~C; NiCr-Ni Nr.011649980120740 Mayser GF 7132 DIN EN 60751MDEXX COMMUTATOR|TEU

Triaxial coil embolization using Guglielmi detachable coils

coils with the voltage-dependent coil-detaching 1.9-Fr non-tapered microcatheter with one Acta Radiol 2012;53:857–861. 3. Padia SA,

The stent-assisted coil-jailing technique facilitates

The stent-assisted coil-jailing technique (37.5%), and partial occlusion in 1 (6.3%).Korean J Radiol, 2014,15(6) :850-857

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